This photo installation photo guideline is meant to supplement the individual, exhaustive installation PDF guide available for each canopy model. It covers only canopy frame assembly. Directions for site preparation are available in each Canopy’s installation PDF file.

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Step-by-Step Canopy Installation

Installing a Premium Steel Canopy is probably faster and easier than you think.


Truss Assembly

Verify the placement of the Base rail assemblys for squareness and correct rail separation.

Stack All the Trusses

In preparation for assembly, stack all the trusses. Using the dimensions provided in your installation manual, measure from the eve end moving to ridge, mark the cross-beam locations using a square and a marker.

Install the Columns

Install the columns to the rafter by slipping them over the column inserts. Check that the columns are at right angles to the rafter by using a framing square as shown. 

Begin Rafter Assembly

Begin installing rafter assembly at the farthest point on the base rails. Rest the end of the column against base rail column insert.

Raise Roof Truss Assembly

When raising the Roof Truss Assembly , two people are necessary to lift the rafter and column assembly to place it. Face the screw heads towards the inside of canopy on both end rafters. Face screws to the back on the center frames.

Continue Installing Frames

Sight down the bottoms of all the eves next to the columns to confirm that they are even. If adjustments to a low eve are required, lift the column as needed. 

Purlin Assembly

The purlins should be with the large holes facing up laying tight next to base rails. Line up the ends of the assembled purlins with the ends of the base rails. Mark next to the holes at the edges of each column.

Installing the Purlins

It is recommended that you start from the top, working your way down. It is very important that the purlins are installed in the proper locations or else other components such as eve trim and light brackets may not fit. Please verify that everything is correct before the purlins are installed. If a mistake is made, the only solution will be to move the purlins into the correct location.

Screw Purlins to the Rafter

Screw through the purlin hole and into the rafter using frame screws. 

Center Holes to Rafter

The holes should be centered to the rafter as well as the purlin being flush with the outside face of the end rafter. It may take some effort to position the rafters appropriately so that all the purlin locations line up.

Insulation Assembly

Please note that it’s not recommended to install the insulation on a windy day as the adhesive may not hold in high wind conditions.

Apply Insulation Adhesive

Apply the double sided adhesive tape on top of both the outermost purlins from end to end as shown, leaving the tape cover on for now. 

Place Insulation Sheets

Place the first of 3 sheets of insulation over the canopy, white side facing down. The insulation will be several inches longer than need be on both sides. This is normal and will be trimmed in a later step. The insulation also has a strip of self-adhesive tape, on the first sheet of insulation this will be used to assist in securing the insulation to the purlins towards the end of the canopy. At this time remove the tape cover on both the purlins as well as the insulation. With two people holding the insulation, pull it tight and square with the frame, pressing down firmly onto the self-adhesive tape to ensure that the insulation is securely placed.

Trim Insulation

Using a utility knife, trim the excess insulation flush with the outmost purlins.

Continue Installing Insulation

Follow same procedure with each sheet of insulation, noting that the self-adhesive on the insulation will be used to adhere to the previous sheet of insulation where they overlap. Trim excess insulation.
Note: Overlap the previous sheet so the last sheet’s edge lays even at the end face of the rafter 

Eve Trim Assembly

Begin installing the first Eve trim at the back of canopy frame working forward. Place trim on top of insulation and end of rafter with drip edge down. Extend it past outside of rafter face 11/4”.

Fasten Eve Trim to Rafters

Measuring from the bottom of the eve 11/4”, fasten the eve trim to the rafter ends with matching color sinking screw. Leave the last rafter screw out so the front trim can overlap at the middle. Continue to the front trim holding 11/4” from face of rafter. Attach at each rafter end and repeat step 1 and 2 on opposite side.

Install Roof Sheeting

Do not attempt to stand on roof panels that have not been attached. 

Place First Roof Sheet

The placement of the first sheet is the most critical. The sheet is not symmetrical and must be started as shown with the short overlap facing out. Make sure the sheet is square to the frame. It must be positioned a set distance from the face of the rafter as well as from the eve trim.

Check Roof Sheet Overhang

Overhangs are critical. If the overhang measurements are not followed, the rake trim will not fit properly. The overhang from the truss face is necessary for the roof sheets to space out properly, and the overhang from the eve trim is required because the rake trim is pre-cut for this overhang.

  • Overhang from eve trim face: 21/2”
  • Overhang from the Truss face: 11/4”
Fasten the Purlins

Follow the pattern below to fasten the sheet to the purlins. Mark the location by measuring out where the screws go before lifting sheet onto the roof. It is recommended that one individual is on the roof who will fasten the sheet with screws, while another individual makes sure the sheet is positioned correctly.
It will take 8 sheets per side with the last sheet overlapping the previous, by one third. 

Gable and J-Trim

Install gable and J-Trim.

ALign J-Trim with Truss Cord

Align the bottom of the J-trim with the bottom of the truss cord and extend end of J-trim to eve trim. Using frame screws, fasten the J-trim to the face of the truss in from each end 2”. These screws will be removed later. Repeat this step on the other end.

Install Gable Kit

The Gable kit comes in five pre-cut pieces per end. Start with the center left section. Use a level to verify that the ribs on the sheet metal are vertical before fastening with the same color screws. The sheet metal should sit down into the bottom of the J-trim. Check that J-trim is even with bottom of rafter cord, as well as relatively flush with the top edges of the rafter before attaching. 

Screw Down J-Trim

In order to hide the bottom screws, try to screw down as low as possible in the J-trim without marring its paint finish. Make sure the screws are down far enough so that they are going into the cord of the rafter, a bit driver extension will make this easier to do.

Install Rake Trim

Locate the left side, uncut Rake trim, and position it as shown in. If the roof sheet was fastened in the correct location, the top edge should line up directly in the middle of the peak, and the bottom edge should line up with the roof sheet. If it does not align properly, the only solution would be to move the roof, if the rake trim is too short, or cut the top of the rake trim if it’s too long.

Fasten Rake Trim to Canopy

Before fastening the rake trim to the roof sheet and end gable, check to make sure the trim’s shape is square itself and square to the sheet. This can be done several ways, one easier method is to use a framing square. 

Screw J-Trim Face

Using the same color stitcher screws as the trim, the first screw should be into the face of the J-trim drilling through the edge of the rake trim.

Continue Attaching J-Trim

Fasten a sinker screw down through top edge of the rake trim and down through the roof sheet into the center of the purlin below. Continue on every purlin. You will want to make sure you have the location of the purlin correct before drilling each screw. Up the outside of the rake trim, use stitcher screws to attach to the high ribs of the end gable sheet metal. Match near the screws location in the purlins. At this time, do not attach a screw at the peak.

Attach Other Side of J-Trim

Just as the left piece, make sure it is square and straight before attaching. The right side rake trim piece is cut such that it makes a vertical seam in the front for aesthetics. The top flap is meant to fold over the left piece. It may be necessary to manipulate the flap so that it fits well.

Finish Attaching J-Trim and Rake Trim

The last stitcher screw goes through both rake trim pieces and into the middle high rib of the end gable sheet. Each rake piece should have a total of 8 screws holding it down. Repeat these steps for the other end of the canopy.

Attaching Ridge Cap

The ridge cap attaches in two pieces. Be careful while handling, they can buckle which will leave an undesirable crease.

Lay Down Ridge Cap

Begin by laying the first ridge cap starting from the back. Align the ridge cap end even with the outside face of the rake trim. Using color matched stitcher screws, attach through the edges of the ridge cap into the rake trim on both sides. Align the other end of the ridge cap with the center of roof ridge. Do not attach at this time.

Attach Roof Sheet to Ridge Edges

At this time you may consider installing optional shade cloths or a Premium Canopy Solar Kit.

Enjoy Your Premium Canopy